Linux Debian


Configuring NTP Time Synchronization in Debian 11.3.0



On the desktop, click the “Activities” button


In the search box, write “Terminal”


Opening the terminal


Change the user to root with the command “su”

enter the root password, and install the ntp package with the command “apt install ntp”


We make a backup of the original config file with the command “mv /etc/ntp.conf /etc/ntp.conf-“


open an empty file “nano /etc/ntp.conf”


enter the lines:


tinker panic 0

restrict default noquery nomodify




Close the editor with “CTRL+X” then “Y”


confirm the file name


check if everything is ok “cat /etc/ntp.conf”


Restarting the ntp daemon “systemctl restart ntp”


Checking the synchronization status with the command “ntpq -pn”


After a while, “*asterisk” will appear in front of the selected server as a source of accurate time

Setup completed.