In operating systems of the “*nix” family, including “Android” there is a special user who has all rights, which means that this user can execute and change anything in the system without restrictions.

This username is “ROOT”

In the “Android”, super user rights are required to change the time.

Today, in most devices with “Android” installed by default, access to the “ROOT” user is blocked.

This is done by the manufacturer on purpose so that the user and the software do not have the ability to change the system settings. Moreover, if you unblock this user, you automatically lose the warranty from the device manufacturer.

For devices that do not have a super user unlocked, the only option to synchronize the time is manually.

In this case, using the prompts of the program that shows the exact time, you manually adjust the system time.

The accuracy of such “synchronization” is very poor and not user-friendly.

For devices with super user unlocked, synchronization can be done in the background, automatically and more accurately.

Based on this information, choose your system option

Stock Android (ROOT locked)

Android (ROOT unlocked)

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