On this page enumerated some sources/books/articles about exact time.

We are grateful to the authors of these materials for the information, without which this project would not exist.



  1. The Network Time Protocol on Earth and in Space
  2. Crystal Oscillator Design and Temperature Compensation
  3. NIST Time and Frequency services



Around internet, information about exact time and NTP not enought, as neded. Some material disapera after some time, we make links and archive to some useful articles.

If you author of these articles, contact with us, we delete copyright material from our site.


О точном времени MHT
Сервер очень точного времени stratum 1 на Garmin GPS MHT
Делаем собственный NTP-сервер Stratum-1 MHT
Configuring NMEA Refclocks MHT
Stratum 1 NTP, Garmin GPS 18 LVC on FreeBSD 8.0 MHT
Generic NMEA GPS Receiver MHT
Reference Clock Support MHT
Time server MHT
The Raspberry Pi as a Stratum-1 NTP Server MHT
Time server using 1PPS GPS receiver MHT
Атака с помощью вашего сервера времени: NTP amplification attack (CVE-2013-5211) MHT
NTP DDOS vulnerable checker MHT
Using MRTG to monitor NTP MHT
Adding a FreeBSD NTP server based on an GPS 18 LVC device MHT
Сервер времени с синхронизацией от GPS приемника MHT
Synchronizing ntpd to a Garmin GPS 18 LVC via gpsd MHT
NMEA Checksum Calculator MHT
The National Marine Electronics Association (NMEA) MHT
GPS Protocols PDF
Network Time Protocol server using PC gnu/linux and freebsd MHT
Timewith focus on NTP and Slovenia MHT
System Monitoring MHT
Clock (CLK) Jitter and Phase Noise Conversion MHT
Android phone and raspberry pi gps ntp server MHT
Is This the World’s Most AccurateNTP Server Hardware? MHT
Timing Errors of the Garmin GPS 35 HVS MHT
NTP Reference Clocks Using FreeBSD 7.0 MHT
Disable your FIFO for lower jitter with serially-attached refclocks MHT
NTP Documentation Archive TAR


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